Restore a Dell Computer

Most Dell Computer come with an insurance policy that you may not even know about. Hidden on your hard disk in a separate partition are all the files that originally shipped with the computer in a compressed state. This "PC Restore" function gives you the choice to reset your computer to factory settings should it reach a state where it isn't functioning properly. Even Dell computers without this recovery partition are often shipped with CDs that can achieve the same function. This article will tell you how to restore a Dell Computer.

1.Backup all important files and folders. Restoring your system involves formatting much of the hard disk. This will erase all files and folders--so make sure you have a copy of anything you don't want to lose.
2.Locate your recovery media. Check you manual or the Dell support page for your system on what kind of restore function your computer has. Some will come with a recovery disk. Some will use a program called Norton Ghost. Others will use files hidden in a separate hard disk partition.
3.Insert CD or run the recovery software for your Dell system. After booting the system, you will likely be asked if you want to try to repair the current installation or restore to factory defaults. If you have backed-up all files, it is recommended to choose "restore to factory defaults."
4.After the operating system has been reinstalled, you will have to individually install the drivers that make your system components run. Your Dell likely comes with a CD called "Drivers and Utilitties." Insert this CD and follow the on-screen instructions.
5.After installing all drivers, you are almost there. Reinstall software applications you wish to use like Word Processors and email applications. They would be located on an "Applications" CD if they came installed on your Dell.

Tips & Warnings
Keep your system up to date with the latest updates and security software to prevent system issues or corruption from malicious files.

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