Replace the Memory in a Dell Latitude D820

Memory can be replaced in a Latitude D820 Laptop computer quite easily, without the need for extensive computer expertise. This is helpful in situations where you may need to replace or upgrade the memory modules in your laptop due to a problem or the need for more system resources. With just a screwdriver and a replacement memory module, you can perform this process on your own.

1.Turn off the laptop computer and unplug it. Remove the battery from the bottom of the computer and lay it down on a clean, flat surface.

2.Use a flathead screwdriver to pry up the hinge cover and remove it. The hinge cover is the plastic strip located above the keyboard. It can be pried off by inserting a flathead screwdriver into the small notch at the far right of the strip. Once it is loose on the right, it can be gently pulled off from right to left.

3.Remove the screws holding the keyboard in place. Slide it out, disconnect its cable from the motherboard, then lay it to the side.

4.Spread apart the clips that secure the memory module into place, then lift it up and out of the computer. Insert the new memory module into the module slot at a 45-degree angle and press it down until the clips snap into place. Always handle the modules on the sides.

5.Reconnect the keyboard to the motherboard and attach it with its screws. Replace the laptop hinge cover by pressing it firmly back above the keyboard until it snaps into place. Replace the battery, plug in the computer and turn it on to start using it with the replacement memory module.

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