Overcoming The No Exit Image Monitor

Already this week I did not use a PC (Personal Computer) because the monitor can not flame. Lamp Power ON the monitor does orange.Lalu color if the problem is I try to check the monitor cables or in VGAnya a way plugging the monitor cable to the VGA connector to another computer. And it turned out the picture. Means the problem is on my computer VGA (NVIDIA G-Force). Next day I try to check VGAnya. Initial allegation may be due to dirty socket. This time experience computer services have a friend first. And it turned out REALLY dirty ... socket. I freelance cardnya VGA, then I clean them with a screwdriver on the copper ribbons, then I put it to the motherboard and finally the flame as well.
So if your friends have a problem with computers that can not be a flame, try deh check first by using another computer if the monitor can exit the picture what ga. If not out, meaning the problem is likely due to the VGA cardnya dirty and need cleaning. How to clean scratched enough disposable-razor blade or cutter scratch on the copper plate that is connected to the motherboard socket. Then plug it in again and On his computer.
Good luck .............

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