Maxtor hard drive repair

Make you a headache the same hard drive suddenly 'died', hmm do not get confused and do well in the glue aka .. Kasian he3x thrown his taxable if your friends can nutmeg bruised tuh: p, try to check the physical disk, if there is a problem kira2 ga / The following defects have tips on how to improve recall Maxtor hard drive models only: 2b02h1, chipset: dsp, board: athens ata2-plus, code: wah21pb0, if different from his own responsibility would screw up firmware broken alias added ..! jreeeeeeng ..! (Really scary c) he3x, yup i managed to not be afraid ga ko, mending a try anyway dibenerin ga didiemin also remain unused and damaged the following way
1.Download software Salvation can search on google full.nya version can fix all kinds of hard drive I use a free here
2.burn Salvation to cd software
3.pasang hard drive on the primaries, do not forget the jumper to save mode
4.boot using cd Salvation it hard use wizard menu just let me no wrong

congratulations your hard drive can be reused

good luck

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