How to Computer Safe From Viruses

Did you know that interference with the Computer not only caused by damage or technical errors in hardware and software. Viruses and Spyware is a disturbance on a computer that is caused by external parties for different purposes such as to steal your data, damaging your hardware, delete files, eliminate certain functions, took over the controls on your computer and so forth. That must be very rare or may not have viruses and spyware that brings profit-making on the infected computer.

Computer viruses and spyware can attack your computer either online or who frequently never online to the internet though. Computers that are connected to a floppy disk or usb flash disk can be contracted from the software installed if not careful. If you have been infected with a virus or spyware that is active only when the computer is connected to the internet, then the viruses or spyware will be active when the computer is online.
Here are various acts of prevention and repair of computers affected by viruses or spyware either mild or severe level.

A. Prevention To be Avoided Computer Viruses and Spyware
1. Be careful on your Email Attachment
Do not open a file attachment in an email that you receive even from people you know if the attachment contains the program file with extension or suffix. Exe,. PIF,. Bat, and so forth. Read carefully emails sent, whether the style of e-mails sent the same as usual. Sometimes the email you receive comes from people sunda, but to use English, russia, china, etc. in their email.

2. Replace / Install Security Software What's New
Make sure your computer is installed 3 types of major security software and installed with a setting that automatically secures your computer without you having to turn first. They are anti-virus to ward off viruses, anti-spyware to ward off spyware, and firewall to deter and block hacker attacks as well as connections from the outside. For a free version and a good quality you can use for anti-virus AVG antivirus, Ad-Aware for spyware and Zone Alarm queue for a firewall program. Make sure all updates / definition and has been updated with the latest patches that minimize the chance of new variants of viruses and spyware do infections on your computer pc or laptop. Do not forget also to run a scan on your computer at regular intervals to kill new viruses and spyware that infect.

3. Do not be careless Installing Software
Beware of software that you isntall whether you buy the pirated cd in cd stores, from download on the internet, from friends, and so forth. Viruses and spyware may be hiding on the program you install without you knowing it. Get used to backup all your important files periodically on a flash drive, cd or dvd so that if there is a fatal thing you will not lose your data.

4. Watch User / Other People Who Wear Your Computer
If your computer is used by someone else, make sure he does not do the things that can harm your computer. You can create a special account for the guest / guest with certain restrictions that you can be setting yourself. Someone that you might not expect to just install the program, plug the usb or insert the diskette that contains software viruses or spyware. Even can also set deliberately spy software to record all your activities and your usual password to use.

5. Always alert
If you feel that something is wrong with your computer immediately disconnect and unplug the connection to the Internet or network connection network lan. Then run anti-virus, anti spyware and firewall checks whether it has been running well and properly. If you get a question to install software from sites that are not clearly refuse outright. Follow the development of a patch or update patches security holes in any software installed and get internet access on your firewall program.

B. Computer Repair Virus and Spyware Infected
1. Turn off the Internet and Network File Sharing Networks
If your computer is connected with a local network or the Internet immediately disconnect and remove if necessary to ensure 100% you do not really connected. Sometimes viruses and spyware manipulate your computer so as if you are not connected anymore with the outside network.

2. Update and Scan
The first step to repair if you feel in doubt or feel confident that your computer is attacked or spyware virs do updates. Updates can be done either through the Internet or download them offline if you have a file from someone else. After updated with a new definition then you should immediately scan to get rid of the virus found.

3. Active In Community Mailing List / Forum About Computer Security
The more you join a community of many computers, the more people who will help you if you're in trouble. Do not be afraid and hesitate to ask about the problems you face even if the problem is trivial. Use a pseudonym if necessary. Somewhere out there there are many people who may have experienced the same thing with you. In addition, you probably will get a shortcut tips, solutions, suggestions, etc. from the community. Usually the latest virus and spyware which are also discussed in the community.

4. Format Hard Disk If There Is No Way Out
If all else have you lived and no one gives a satisfactory solution you can take a shortcut past, that is by reformatting the hard disk. Make sure that important data you already have backed up on another medium that is not infected with the virus, spywre and other malicious programs. Then format your hard drive and install os and the prgram you use common applications. After all ok, then copy back your important files on a computer that is fresh.

5. Learning From Mistakes
Open your eyes when faced with a problem and learn it well, because it is possible that the same problem would arise with a larger quantity. Learn not only from your own problems but also other people's problems that you do not know even once.

Hopefully Successfully ...

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