Computer monitor blurred images, out of focus

Computer monitor blurred images, text hard to read. This happens because
1. Which are not appropriate focus Stelan
2. Crt tube conditions who have less good
Step-2 improvement
1. Stel focus: namely direct focus setting by focusing potensio reply was in flaybak. There are computer monitors that use a focus setting but there is also a distinguished using 2 focus setting depending on the model. It did not work?
2. Check the current focus (only for you who already have the basic techniques of electronic repair tv & computer monitors), ie, with focus on how to remove the cable into the socket yg crt, crt tube located behind dimodul, cable ends and then brought near the focus off the chassis with think-2 with a distance of 0 , 5 s / d 1 cm, so the monitor is turned on. focus which would normally generate sparks, the size can dirobah through potensio focus. (this act shall be very careful dangerous-2)
3. If the focus was good put it back in the socket now try to measure voltage Hitler / filamenya, try raising the voltage of filaments between 1-2 vol only. Due to the high terlau filament voltage can cause fijamen tsb crt tube end & dead. How can memjemper resistor bridge with filaments or with filament + cut his lines and then add 1 or 2 rolls of small wires to the ferrite flaybak dilitkan reply. Then again stel
Good luck .........

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