How to Troubleshoot a Dell D820 Battery

A Dell Latitude D820 is a dual core . The Laptop can be powered by using an AC power adapter connected to an electrical outlet, or from a rechargeable lithium ion Dell D820 laptop battery. The battery has a lifespan of approximately two years or 400 to 450 charge/recharges before it loses efficiency and should be replaced. If the battery loses efficiency or will not charge, it should be troubleshot to ensure the battery does indeed need to be replaced.

1.Remove the AC power adapter from the side of the Dell D820 laptop.

2.Remove the Dell D820 battery. Locate the battery release button on the bottom of the laptop. Slide the lock release and hold it to the side. Slide the battery from the battery housing. Release the battery release.

3.Look over the battery contacts. Do you notice any dents, dings or corrosion? If you do, replace the battery immediately. It is not safe to use a damaged battery and can cause electrical problems with the laptop or an electrical fire.

4.Dampen the tip of a cotton swab in rubbing alcohol. Rub the dampened tip onto the battery and battery housing unit contacts. This removes buildup and dust, which can hinder the batteries ability to properly charge.

5.Plug the AC power adapter into an electrical outlet. Insert the other end into the power adapter jack on the right hand side of the Dell D820 laptop. Press the "Power" button to turn on the laptop. If the laptop does not turn on, the AC power adapter is not working correctly and should be replaced. If the power adapter is not working, the battery cannot be charged. If the laptop does turn on, the AC power adapter is working correctly. This test must be completed while the battery is removed from the laptop. Remove the AC power adapter from the side of the laptop.

6.Line up the battery contacts with the contacts over the battery housing unit. Press the battery into place.

7.Insert the AC power adapter. Allow the power adapter to fully charge the Dell D820 battery for six hours. During this time, do not use the laptop, as that can slow down the charging process.

8.Remove the AC power adapter. Turn on the laptop. If the laptop does not turn on, the battery is dead and should be replaced.

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