How to Remove a Password From a BlackBerry 9000

The Blackberry Bold 9000 has a password feature. The Bold will ask you to set the password when you set up the device. But if you want to go without a password or want to change the password, it's easy to remove your old password.

Disable the Password
1.Log onto your Blackberry 9000 using your existing password. Click on the "Menu" button to the left of your trackball. The next screen you see will be the "Home" screen.

2.Scroll down the home screen until you find the "Options" icon. This will usually have a picture of a spanner or a wrench on it. Open it up and you will see a list of options.

3.Scroll down the options until you come to "Password". Click the tracker ball to open this menu.

4.At the top you will see the Password and the corresponding status "Enabled". Scroll onto the word "Enabled" and click the trackball. You will be prompted to change this to "Disabled." Select Disabled and click the track ball.

5.Press the "Back" button which is to the right of the trackball. This will ask you to Save or Discard your changes. Scroll to "Save" and then press the Back button twice to return to the Home screen.

Tips & Warnings
If your employer owns the Blackberry, this feature may be locked down on the Blackberry Enterprise Server, and if you want to remove the password you will need to speak to the security administrator at your company.

Removing the password will make your device vulnerable.

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