Delete or Reset a BIS Account

A BIS account, or BlackBerry Internet Service account, is something that Backberry users must initially set up online with their phone service provider after purchasing a Backberry device. Users can have as many as 10 BIS accounts on one Backberry that they can use to send and receive emails. After creating accounts, users can create email filters and alter signatures, among other activities. At some point, you may decide you want to delete or reset one of your BIS accounts.

1.Understand before deleting a BIS account that once you delete it, BlackBerry Internet Service will stop sending email messages to that account. Delete the account if that is your desire, or reset it to restore original default settings.

2.Open the Internet browser on your Backberry device. Type the internet address for the BIS website associated with your wireless service provider (see Resources for list). Locate the BIS website you used to create your account and navigate to the "Settings" page. Click "Email Accounts" and locate the email address you want to delete. Click the "Delete" button below the address you want to remove. Alternatively, click "Reset" beneath the address you want to reset. Confirm your action by clicking "Yes."

3.Alternatively, use the email setup application on your Backberry device to perform the same actions. Open the email setup application from your home screen and click on the Email Accounts screen. Select an email address from that screen that you want to delete or reset. Press the "Menu" key then click "Delete" or "Reset." Confirm your action by clicking "Yes."

4.Confirm that your email address has been deleted or reset by sending an email message to yourself at that address and attempting to open it from your email application on your BlackBerry device. Contact your wireless service provider if the email account remained unchanged to verify that your carrier offers you the capability of resetting or deleting BIS accounts.

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