Get the Original BlackBerry Games Back

Several games are installed by default along with the Blackberry operating system. Maybe you've uninstalled certain games by mistake, or had to remove them and now want them back. You can get the original BlackBerry games back by using the BlackBerry Desktop Manager software. Thanks to the Desktop Manager's Application Loader, the original games remain listed on the computer, even if they have been deleted from the BlackBerry. Reinstalling the original games to the the BlackBerry is a straightforward task.

1.Open the BlackBerry Desktop Manager software on your computer. If you don't have this software you can download it from BlackBerry's website.

2.Plug the BlackBerry into an available USB port on the computer. The device will register in the desktop software.

3.Click the "Application Loader" icon. A list of applications opens.

4.Click the "Games" option. A list of games will appear.

5.Check the box in front of each of the original games to install back onto the BlackBerry. Alternatively, check the box in front of Games to reinstall all original games.

6.Click the "Next" button and then click "Finish." The games are reinstalled to the BlackBerry.

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