Back Up and Restore a BlackBerry to a New Device

When Blackberry users upgrade their devices, the BlackBerry Desktop Manager software makes the task a breeze. The Desktop Manager software includes a feature that will allow the user to back up all data on the original BlackBerry to the new device, or to choose which data and applications to transfer. The Device Switch Wizard is easy to use and a user-friendly way to get your new device up and running quickly.

1.Open the BlackBerry Desktop Manager software on the computer.

2.Connect the original BlackBerry to the computer using the USB connector cable. The device will register with the description and device PIN in the lower right corner of the Desktop Manager main screen.

3.Click the option labeled "Switch Blackberry Devices" on the main screen of the Desktop Manager. The feature known as the Device Switch Wizard will launch. The Device Switch Wizard will walk the user through the data and application transfer from the original device to the new device. In the Device Switch Wizard, three columns will be displayed -- Current Device, New Device and Options. This screen allows the user to select specific data and applications for transfer, or to select "All" to transfer all data and applications.

4.Select the programs and data to transfer to the new device using the "Options" column. If desired, select "Update Applications" to include the step of automatically updating all applications as they are transferred. Click "Next." Progress bars will appear and files will be transferred from the original device onto the computer in a temporary location to await transfer to the new device. When the file copy process is complete, a notification will appear to connect the "New Device."

5.Connect the new device to the computer using a USB connector cable. The BlackBerry Desktop Manager software will recognize the device and list the description and device PIN in a drop-down box in the lower-right corner of the screen.

6.Select the new PIN from the drop-down menu. Click the "Next" button.

7.Click the "OK" button to begin the file transfer to the new device. Progress bars will indicate the status of the copy process. If the option to update applications was selected, this step will be applied as needed.

8.Click "Finish" when prompted. The new device is now updated with data and applications from the original BlackBerry.

Tips & Warnings
All accounts and passwords (email, Web) will need to be re-entered as this security data does not transfer.

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