Setup Procedures for a Samsung 32-Inch LCD

A 32-inch television can fit in any room in the house, offering larger screen size without being overpowering or taking up too much space. Samsung manufactures several LCD televisions with screen sizes of 32 inches, including the Series 3, Series 4 and Series 5 TV lines. When you first get a Samsung television, you'll need to set it up for your space and configure its settings.

1.Attach the base stand to the bottom of the television. Instructions vary per model. Samsung uses two types of base stands. For Series 4 and earlier models, slide the base stand into the bottom of the television and screw in the three Phillips screws. For Series 5 and later models, screw in the guide stand to the base stand, lift the television onto the base stand and screw in the guide stand to the back of the television with four Phillips screws.

2.Remove the battery cover on the remote. Install two AAA batteries into the remote and replace the cover.

3.Plug the AC power cord into the "Power Input" port on the back of the television and into a wall outlet.

4.Connect your components to the television. The television usually has antenna, HDMI, component, composite and PC inputs to connect all of your devices. Whichever cables your components use, you will need to connect one end of the cable to the proper output port on the device and the other end to the corresponding input port on the television.
5.Turn on the television and start the "Plug & Play" setup procedure. When you turn the television on for the first time, the setup menu automatically starts.

6.Press the arrow keys on the remote to select your language and press "Enter."

7.Scroll to "Home Use" and press "Enter" on the remote.

8.Use the navigation keys on your remote to select your cable source if you have an antenna or cable. Highlight "Air" for antenna or "Cable" for cable. If you have both or are unsure, highlight "Auto." Hit "Enter" to lock in your choice. If you have a cable or satellite box, skip this step and continue to setting up the clock.

9.Use the arrow keys on the remote to highlight "Digital" and press "Enter" to scan for available channels. The channels will be programmed to your television.

10.Use the arrow keys on the remote to highlight "Clock Mode" and press "Enter" and set it to "Auto" to automatically set the time. If you live in an area where daylight savings is observed, select either "On," "Off" or "Auto."

11.Press "Enter" when the screen says "Enjoy your TV." The television will now be set up and you will be able to use its normal features.

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