How to Find the Best Color Sharpness Contrast Setting for a Samsung 32-Inch LCD TV

Samsung is a maker of electronics such as televisions, computers and cameras. Its television division develops many different models, but not all of them offer the same picture quality with the same settings. Therefore, it's vital that you get the optimum setting for each TV set in your home. If you have a Samsung 32-inch television, you can easily adjust the factory settings to get the best picture you can.

1.Look on the back of the television for the model number. Samsung 32-inch televisions will have "LN32B" followed by a 3-digit number.

2.Visit Click on the "Tweak My TV" link. Click on the pull-down menus and select "Samsung" and the model of your television. A recommended list of calibration settings will appear.

3.Turn on your television. Press the "Menu" key on the remote to enter the menu. Scroll to "Picture," and press the "Enter" key on the remote.

4.Scroll to "Color," and press the enter button. Use the left and right arrows to change the setting to "58." Press the "Enter" key.

5.Scroll to "Sharpness," and press "Enter." Use the left and right arrows to change the value to "0." Press Enter. Scroll to "Contrast," press "Enter," and change the value to "88." Press "Enter" to go back to the "Picture" menu.

6.Press the "Return" key on the remote to go back to the television.

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