How to Reset My BlackBerry 8350i Back to New

If you want to resell your BlackBerry Curve 8350i, or if you just want to start from scratch on it, you can reset the phone so it is like new. When you perform the factory reset, it wipes all the saved data and downloaded applications on the phone. When the reset is complete it is set back to the state you purchased it in, the factory default settings.

1.Open "Options" on the home screen of the phone.

2.Select "Security Options" and then "Security Wipe."

3.Select the check boxes next to all three options that are presented to you. The selections are "Emails, Contacts, Etc," "User Installed Applications" and "Media Card."

4.Type "blackberry" to confirm that you want to reset the the phone and click "Wipe" to begin the process. The phone will restart and the setup wizard will appear after the reset is complete.

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