How to Find a Pin for a BlackBerry 8350i

The BlackBerry PIN number is used in a number of different ways, from setting up Bluetooth to a computer, to using it electronically to ensure your messages and mails are sent to the correct BlackBerry. The PIN is also located in a few different places on the phone and on data from the phone, so it is not difficult to find out what your BlackBerry PIN number is if you need it.

On the Phone
1.Press the silver button on the back of the phone to release the back cover.
2.Slide the back cover up and off the phone to reveal the battery.
3.Remove the battery from the phone.
4.View the white sticker inside. Under the barcode will be a number following the word PIN.

In Desktop Manager
1.Open your BlackBerry Desktop Manager on the computer. If you don't have this installed, locate and load the disk that came with the phone or download it for free from the BlackBerry website.
2.Plug your BlackBerry into the computer using a USB/mini USB cable.
3.Wait for the device to be recognized.
4.View your PIN number on the Desktop Manager homescreen in the bottom left corner
next to "Device Connected (PIN)."

Phone Options
1.Press the BlackBerry button just left of the trackball.
2.Select "Options."
3.Scroll to and select "Status." The PIN number is listed on the following screen.

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