Tips for Smart Modem Speed ​​EVDO ZTE AC2726

Smart EVDO has now started to become Indonesian people's choice for a fairly fast internet connection and also with an affordable price for unlimited internet facilities either daily, weekly or monthly. But behind its superiority, the Smart EV also still have a problem or deficiency that is still limited existing base stations in Indonesia where if we are farther away from the nearest BTS will then cause signal drop which would also lead to slow our internet connection. Well for those of you who currently have the above items, you do not need to be disappointed once. Why? Because there are some things we can do to strengthen the signal and that certainly speed up our internet connection.
If the signal in your area is not good a good idea to add additional peraltan such as internal or external antenna specifically modem, well if the signal is stable try the following settings. Log on Settings menu (menu below) and you change the default number (# 777), username (smart) and password (smart) with the following combinations:

number: * 98 #
username: cdma or wap
password: cdma or wap


number: * 31 * 11 111 #
username: cdma or wap
password: cdma or wap

Replacement number, username and password above are used to using other channels of service smart because it is usually the default channel is often crowded digunakan.Silahkan you try to enter the menu connects with NetConnect and you try to replace the number, username and password with others including the default if it is still slow.

I recommend the first option because I also use smart modem and the results are ok too ..........

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