Tips for Accelerating Access Blackberry

Basically, the Blackberry is a gadget that is believed will further facilitate our activities, particularly in terms of connections. Blackberry also remains one of the best besides hp android in terms of providing a connection speed to its customers. But what would happen if access Blackberry or BB that we bought was not as much as we want. Slow connections and finally the activity becomes disturbed. Therefore here are some tips to accelerate access to the Blackberry or BB you can do. This step is actually very easy and can be done by all Blackberry customers in Indonesia. But earlier, first make sure that data you store in the Blackberry device is still within reasonable limits, because one of the reasons BB to slow access is that the number of data that accumulate in the Samart phone. If you have to make sure that everything in normal circumstances, the following steps or tips for the Blackberry connection speed you can use with as much as possible
1. Make sure that the BB's internal memory remains in his capacity sufficient.
2. Place the multimedia files in the Media Card / Storage Card.
3. Disconnect the battery BB once every 2-3 days to remove the remaining unused files.
And here are some shortcuts that can help you speed up access BB
- To see the rest of the files press "Alt" + "Left Shift" + "Letter H" simultaneously. This shortcut will show the status of important info Blackberry.
- To reset the BB do not have to pull out the battery. Just press "Alt" + "Right Shift" + "Del" and the Blackberry will automatically reset, just like pulling the battery.
5. Delete Browser Cache regularly on the menu Blackberry Browser Menu - Options - Cache Operations - Clear History
6. Clear Event Log on the home screen by typing 'ALT' + letter 'L' + 'G' + 'L' + 'G'.
7. Memory Cleaning on a regular basis to Options - Security Options - Enabled - Menu - Clean

Hopefully these tips useful for you all, especially for those who are still loyal to use applications in their daily Blackbbery .........

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