Install Memory on a Dell D531

The Dell Latitude D531 Laptop has two memory module compartments that take one RAM card apiece. The expansion compartment is located in the base of the computer while the default compartment is below the keyboard. Installing memory isn't difficult, especially the procedure for the base-mounted memory. The upper memory takes a little while longer and, if you're not careful, you can damage the motherboard.

Base-mounted RAM Installation
1.Power off the system and disconnect the power cable from the computer.

2.Disconnect all the external devices.

3.Turn the computer over and remove the battery.

4.Locate the memory module compartment in the middle of the base. There are vents on the compartment's cover, which is secured to the base by a single screw.

5.Remove the screw and take the cover off. Unless you bought extra memory when you purchased the computer, the port should be empty. The Dell D531 generally comes with only one memory module, mounted to the motherboard.

6.Spread the retainers on the memory module port to prepare for memory insertion. If there is a module there, spreading the clips will cause the module to spring up at an angle, after which you can pull it out.

7.Insert the new memory module at an angle and press it down until the clips snap into its sides.

8.Return the computer to working condition by replacing the compartment cover and screw, the battery, the power cable and the external devices.

Motherboard-mounted RAM Installation
1.Power off the system and pull the power cable off the computer.

2.Strip the computer of the external components and remove the battery.

3.Open the display as far as it will go and insert a flat-head screwdriver into the notch at the right side of the hinge cover. Pry the hinge cover up and remove it from the computer.

4.Ground yourself before removing the keyboard because the motherboard, which is a fragile component that can be easily damaged by static, is directly beneath it. You can touch an unpainted metal surface or wear a wrist grounding strap to remove the static from your body.

5.Extract the three screws from the top of the keyboard.

6.Lift the keyboard to expose the flat cable that goes into the motherboard.

Disconnect the cable and take the keyboard off the computer.

7.Locate the memory module above the trackpad keys.

8.Spread the clips so the module pops up, then remove it from the port.

9.Insert the new module and press down until the clips snap into it.

10.Replace the keyboard and hinge cover.

11.Return the computer to working condition with the battery, power cable and external components installed. The computer will adjust to the newly installed memory upon startup. You should notice an immediate boost in its performance.

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