How to Troubleshoot a Dell Latitude Laptop

Although Dell Latitude Laptop are reliable and hold up well, there are occasions when problems occur. One of the most-common problems that users run into is having a laptop that will not turn on. This can be a frustrating experience, but there are a few things you can try to troubleshoot on a Dell Latitude laptop.

1.Try the wall outlet. Plug the computer's power cord into the computer and the wall outlet. See if that works. If not, try another wall outlet. Plug in another device to the same wall outlet to make sure the wall outlet is working.

2.Check the DC power adapter being used with the laptop. Look at the voltage output listed on the adapter. Then look at the voltage output listed on the computer (probably on the bottom). Do these numbers match? If not, the adapter may be too powerful for the computer.

3.If the DC adapter and the power cord are working fine and are set up properly, reset the system by unplugging the power cord from the laptop. Open the battery area on the bottom of the laptop and remove it. Wait few minutes and plug the adapter back into the computer and into the wall. If the computer works, this means there is a problem with your battery.

4.If the computer turns off sporadically, there could be a cooling problem. Listen for the fan to come on as the laptop is being used. If the fan does work, you may be in a room or area that is too warm for the fan to keep up with.

5.If the LED lights appear near the keyboard, try plugging the laptop into an external monitor. If you are able to see the image from the laptop, this means the laptop screen needs to be repaired or replaced.

Tips & Warnings
An out-of-date BIOS can sometimes be the culprit that doesn't allow batteries to charge properly.

Do not open up or unscrew any parts of the internal computer unless the power cord is unplugged, and the battery is removed.

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