How to Set Up Captions on an Old Panasonic TV

Closed captions allow the deaf or hard of hearing to understand what is being said on television programs. Closed caption boxes generate captions from signals built into the TV signal and can be used for old Panasonic TVs that do not have closed captioning built in. The closed caption box, available from electronics stores, connects to the TV using the same cables that would connect to the TV directly.

1.Place the closed caption box next to the old Panasonic TV that will be displaying the closed captions. Plug the closed caption box's power cord into a wall outlet.

2.Screw the end of the cable that is bringing a television signal, for example, from a TV antenna or a cable TV provider, into the same-named connection input on the closed caption box.

3.Insert an end of a coaxial cable into the coaxial RF output on the closed caption box. Screw the other end of the cable into the coaxial Antenna input on the TV.

4.Turn the TV on with its remote. Press the "Menu" button. Select the "Video input" menu. Highlight the coaxial input choice from the list on the screen. Press the "Menu" button repeatedly until you exit the menu settings.

5.Turn the closed caption box on. Select the "RF" output on the box, using a sliding selector switch or a button, depending on the manufacturer of the box. Leave the box on in order to view closed captioning on the TV.

Tips & Warnings
Some cable boxes may require you to use the same output cable as the one that is connected to the input of the closed caption box.

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