How to Install a RAM Upgrade in a Dell Latitude D531 Laptop

The Dell Latitude D531 is a 15.4-inch Laptop computer based around an AMD platform. The Latitude D531 includes an AMD Sempron or Turion processor and 512 MB of RAM in its base configuration. If you did not configure the Latitude D531 with extra memory when you purchased it, you can install additional memory in the computer on your own. Install a RAM upgrade for your Latitude D531 if you want to upgrade to a newer version of Windows or if you are dissatisfied with the speed of the computer and looking for a way to improve its performance.

1.Shutdown the Latitude D531. Remove all cables connected to the computer, and remove the battery pack. Place the computer on a table or desk with the bottom facing up.

2.Remove the rectangular cover with three sets of vents from the underside of the Latitude D531 by unscrewing the Phillips-head screw on the side and lifting the cover away from the computer. The first of the two RAM modules installed in the Latitude D531 is under this cover.

3.Pull the metal claps the hold the RAM module down. The module automatically releases itself from the slot. Remove it and place it somewhere safe.

4.Lower the RAM upgrade horizontally into the empty slot, with the metal contacts on the bottom of the RAM upgrade slightly lower than the top. Push the top of the RAM upgrade down to lock it in place after fully inserting the metal contacts.

5.Replace the plastic cover on the bottom of the Latitude D531 and screw it down.

6.Turn the Latitude D531 over and open the screen fully.

7.Use the flat-head screwdriver to pry the plastic bezel away from the top of the Latitude D531 keyboard. Use the cutout on the right side of the bezel to insert the screwdriver. Work from the right to the left, being careful not to bend the plastic. Under the bezel, you will find three Phillips-head screws anchoring the keyboard to the body of the Latitude D531.

8.Remove the screws from above the keyboard, and then lift the keyboard away from the Latitude D531 until you can see the cable connecting it to the logic board. Do not remove the cable; rotate the keyboard down and place it on top of the palm rest. The second RAM module is located above the palm rest.

9.Remove and upgrade the second RAM module by repeating Steps 3 and 4.

10.Replace the keyboard and plastic bezel by reversing Steps 7 and 8.

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