How to Easily Restore a Dell PC to Factory Settings

Dell PCs have made it much easier for users to restore their Computer to factory settings. Depending upon which Windows operating system is installed on the computer, the process is a matter of a couple of reboots and a few keystrokes. Gone are the days of having to insert a boot disk along with a lengthy reformatting process. The process is so simplified that even a novice can restore a computer to Dell factory settings.

1.Determine which operating system your Dell PC currently uses. The restoration process to factory settings is slightly different in Windows XP than in Windows Vista.
2.Back up your computer. When you restore your Dell desktop or laptop to factory settings, you will lose all of your documents. This includes all of your music, pictures, video, emails, address book, favorites or anything else that was not on the computer when you originally purchased.
3.Ensure that you have all of the program disks. If you installed software programs on your Dell PC, make sure that you have your original program disks. Or, if you don't have the disks, make sure you know where you can go to download the original program. By restoring your Dell PC to factory settings, all of your programs will be erased.
4.Disconnect your printer, scanner and any other peripherals attached to the computer. If you're using a laptop that has a docking station, take it out of the docking station.
5.Restoring a Dell System Running Windows XP.

Turn off and reboot your computer. When you see the Windows flash screen, depress "CTRL" and "F11". Be sure to press them simultaneously and release them simultaneously.
Select "Restore" in the "Dell PC to restore by Symantec" window and press "Enter".

Highlight and select "Confirm" when the message shows that you wiill lose all data if you continue. This will begin the restore process. It usually takes about 10 minutes or so. When it's done, you should receive a message that states the system recovery process was successful.
Select "Finish" to complete the process and restart your system.
6.Restore a Dell System Running Windows Vista
Shutdown and restart your computer. Keep pressing "F8" until you see the "Advanced Boot Options" menu. You must depress the keys before the Windows Logo screen appears. If you wait until after the screen appears and then press "F8", it's too late and you'll have to reboot the system and try again.
Navigate to the "Repair your computer" option
Select the appropriate language and click "Next".
Sign onto the system as an administrator. Without administrative privileges, you will be unable to perform the system restore.
Select "Dell Factory Image Restore" and click "Next".
Place a check in the check box next to the text that says "Yes, reformat hard drive and restore System Software to factory condition" and click "Next".
Click "Finish" to complete the process. This will reboot your computer.

Tips & Warnings
This method works on newer Dell machines. Older Dell computers may have to use the old fashioned way of rebooting from a boot disk. Visit the Dell website to see if your system has the above factory restore options.

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