Dell Latitude Laptop Information

The "Latitude" is a series of Laptop from Dell Computers. The Dell Latitude boasts a #1 rating in "Notebook Computer Satisfaction," and offers six different models in the "Latitude E-Series" to fit anyone's budget and specifications. In addition to the E-Series laptops, Dell also offers a Latitude E6400 XFR, which is a model of tough-book laptops that are built to withstand extreme conditions.

Laptop Screen
The E-Series Latitude laptop's screen ranges in size from 12.1 inches to 15.4 inches. The Dell Latitude E6500 and E5500 are the laptops that have the 15.4 inch screen. The only caveat regarding the 15.4 inch screen is that it is a "wide view" screen which is more rectangular than square.

Each of the Dell Latitude E-Series laptops comes with a "Intel Core 2 Duo Processor." The Core Duo Processor is highly coveted due to its two processing systems that allow multiple applications to be run simultaneously without the system slowing down.

Wireless Capabilities
All E-Series Dell Latitude laptops have a built in Ethernet port for stationary Internet access. However, these laptops also come with an internal wireless card which allows the user to pick up Wi-Fi signals immediately out of the box, without any additional equipment required.

Memory & Storage
Generally, most laptops have less memory and computer power than a standard desktop tower, however, the Dell Latitude can rival any desktop computer in this department. Latitude E-Series laptops come with either 4, 5, or 8GB memory. In addition, these laptops also have a built in hard drive which range in size from 120 to 250GB.

Latitude E6400 XFR
The E6400 is a model of tough-book from Dell that is built out of virtually indestructible Ballistic Armor. This laptop is built to withstand rain, extreme heat, dirt and accidental dropping. In addition to its sturdy structure, the E6400 comes with a 14.1 inch LED screen and an Intel Core 2 Due Processor. This laptop can be customized for an individual purchaser by choosing between a 1 to 8GB memory and a 64 or 120GB hard drive.

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