Understanding Dual Core, Core 2 Duo, Quad Core, Core 2

Many Computer users now confused with the term Intel Processor. Processor E2140 (Dual Core 1.6 GHz) or called the Core Duo E2140.

DUAL CORE Processor
This term is a technical term to refer to the Technology Processor Architecture Processor or where in 1 Chip Processor / CPU there are 2 pieces core processor. The newest technology of development of this architecture is to instill Procesor kedalan 1 2 core CPU, or language generally instill 2 machines into a CPU chips.
Early development of this technology is menculnya PENTIUM D, which is the initial output from the processor with the 2 core. Processor type is still referred to by the term "PENTIUM" because it's still in the development of advanced generation INTEL PENTIUM generation. Processor Production is still using the technology "NetBurst". So PENTIUM D is a CPU that has 2 Fruit PENTIUM CORE PENTIUM class in production with 90nm technology.
The weakness of this type of Pentium D is not maximal the second core in use, and no checking of the temperature on the second core. In sales intel No Calling CORE DUO PENTIUM D sebegai TAPI call processor PENTIUM D (Dual). This term in Indonesia and most traders Computer in his ambiguous with istileh INTEL CORE DUO (without any word PENTIUM)

This term is more the term for INTEL TRADE BRANDS, meaning that technically remain the same with DUAL CORE, namely the installation of 2 cores in 1-chip CPU. So CORE DUO are trademarks of Intel's term. And Intel with new chip making technology (65nm) has not used the term PENTIUM again in the output processor, but already patented the term CORE. Hence all current Intel processor called INTEL CORE. Which means what? intel already switched to the type of construction proceesor through 45nm and even 65nm technology, where the processor has been embedded processor 2 core in 1-chip CPU. The term is embedded in CORE DUO DESKTOP E2XXX intel processor, or Processor Mobile T2XXX. In the operating system Windows XP / Linux processor of this type as processor core dikenalai Two, or it says DUAL Proceesor.

Istileh CORE Processor Intel Core2Duo other, which means that dibagun CORE Processor with 2 Core technology with additional functionality Memmory dipasangnnya Cache on each core. So if CORE DUO still use a Cache / L2 for Second CORE, then on each core Core2Duo Cache paired individually, are still working together in parallel. The latest development of the Intel processor is in her Core processors with 4 cores or also called Intel Core2Quad.

Quad Core
Quad Core is a processor technology diibartkan when dual core processors have 2 brains, then the quad core has 4 brain at once.
Quad Core Technology to produce
Intel = Quad-Core, Core 2 Quad (a combination of core 2 duo)
Amd-Phenom x4 amd =

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