Keeping Your Computer Safe from the Nosy

Everyone is vulnerable when they go online. With the right kind of technology and the know-how, anyone can just pry into your very private and personal data. So how do you protect yourself from these nosy beings?

Protect your passwords.
Start from th very beginning. Choose passwords that will be difficult to guess. Never use anything so obvious as your name, or the street where you live, or the city where you were born, and most especially your birthday. Use a combination of numbers and letters. Many sites have case sensitive forms so try to create a password with one or two letters capitalized.

Change your passwords regularly too.
You can do this every three months if you wish. You can play with your recent password, just mix it up a bit and you’ll do fine. Memorize your password and don’t leave a file in your computer with your passwords in it.

Encrypt your files and emails if you can.
There are different programs available online which you can download to protect your most important data and emails. Try Freecrypt. Just research first before you download a program, especially if it’s free. You don’t want to have your Computer infected with spyware or viruses.

Install a spyware and antivirus software into your computer.
Again, make sure that you are installing something you can trust. Avast and Spybot Search and Destroy are okay. These programs can prevent and eliminate those nasty spyware. Install a firewall too (like Zone Alarm). These will give you more protection.

Delete temporary Internet files and cookies
when you finish your work on your computer. Disconnect from the Internet and shut down your computer and don’t leave it idle.  make regular backups or copies of your data.

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