How to Troubleshoot the Sceptre X20G Monitor

If your Computer is malfunctioning, your computer becomes unusable. But you don't necessarily have to go to a computer technician to diagnose a problem with your Sceptre X20G monitor. Even if you have never done it before, you can perform the steps necessary to troubleshoot your Sceptre's error(s), and no advanced tools are necessary. The only item you will need before proceeding is a Phillips-head screwdriver and an additional computer tower for testing.

Adjust the brightness settings of the Sceptre X20G monitor--on the bottom of the face of the device--if the display appears to be unpowered and not working. Even if your monitor is properly powered on, the brightness settings may have been turned all the way down. At the lowest brightness setting, the Sceptre X20G screen will be black. Your computer's keyboard will also likely have monitor brightness keys just above the numeric keys.

Power down the Sceptre X20G monitor and try it with a different computer than the one currently in use. Unplug the the VGA cable of your Sceptre X20G monitor from the current computer and plug it into the new computer's VGA port. Power both on and see if the Sceptre X20G monitor displays the information from the new computer. If it does, the problem is actually not your monitor but your computer. Your computer's motherboard is the likely culprit, which, due to the cost of motherboard replacement, may necessitate a complete replacement of your computer tower.

Open up your Sceptre X20G monitor and take a look at the inverter cable if the monitor does not perform with a different computer tower. Locate the screws around the perimeter of the Sceptre X20G monitor's bezel. These will likely still be covered with plastic seals, so pop these seals off first and then remove the screws with a Phillips-head screwdriver.

Remove the Sceptre X20G monitor's bezel. It is now loose, so pull up one corner of the bezel and notice the plastic latches between the bezel and the rest of the display. These continue to tenuously hold the bezel in place. Use a guitar pick or similar thin, non-metal object to pry between the bezel and the plastic latches. This will unhook the bezel from the latches and allow for complete bezel removal. Take care not to damage the plastic latches during this process.

Check to ensure that the inverter cable has not come loose from the inverter board. The inverter cable is the cable at the bottom of the bezel-less display that plugs into the circuit board beneath it. This board is the inverter board. If the inverter cable has come loose, this will cause your Sceptre X20G monitor's backlight to fail and is likely the source of your problem.

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