How to Compare Samsung 22 Inch LCD TVs

Samsung offers several choices for small LCD TV televisions.
In the world of home entertainment, not all LCD television sets are created equal, even within Samsung's 22-inch line of units. There are many, many different specifications to consider, but a few important ones will probably give you what you need to make a decision.

HDMI Inputs
Most Samsung LCD television sets feature at least one HDMI input option, letting you connect your Blu-ray player, HD computer, or other high-definition video device. One thing to compare would be how many HDMI inputs a set has, allowing you to connect multiple HD devices at once.

HDTV Compatibility
All Samsung 22-inch LCD televisions are HDTV-ready. However, they are designed to differing HD specifications. Check to see if the TV is compatible with HD-1080i, HD-720p, or HD-720i. The higher definition will give you a clearer picture.

Audio Processing
Samsung televisions often feature high-quality audio processing systems and speakers in the televisions. That said, they aren't Bose or JBLs, so bigger usually means better for the on-board speakers. Make sure to test out the sound before you make a purchase.

Extras and Accessories
One model of Samsung's 22-inch line features the ability to play digital video from a USB device. Other models feature the ability to download video from your Samsung video camera. Look at the extra features and see which match your lifestyle and other electronics most closely.

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