How to Calibrate a Samsung LCD

Samsung's LCD TV provide full 1080p resolution and 3D support. As a new owner of a Samsung LCD TV, you will want to set it up as the centerpiece of your home entertainment center. One of the first things you should do is calibrate your LCD TV. Considering that lighting is different in every room, adjusting your television's picture is critical to getting the most out of your Samsung LCD viewing experience.

1.Insert the DVD into your player's disk drive. You will use the DVD to calibrate the Samsung LCD's image. Seek a scene in the movie that has an equal amount of light and dark areas. Pause the movie upon finding such a scene.

2.Access Samsung's picture settings. Using the remote control, press the "Menu" button. Scroll to the "Picture" option, hover over "Backlight" and press "Enter."

3.Adjust the LCD TV's brightness and contrast settings. Turn up the brightness settings to their highest output. Begin to decrease the brightness until the letterbox bars at the top and bottom of the widescreen movie appear as black as possible. Increase the contrast to its maximum setting as well. Incrementally decrease the contrast until you can clearly see the details of the still image's light areas. Also, ensure that the light colors do not bleed into the rest of the picture.

4.Tune your Samsung's color settings. Increase or decrease your TV's color setting to your preference. Keep in mind that the lowest color setting produces a black and white image, and the highest color setting creates a distorted image. After calibrating the television, exit the menu in order to save all changes.

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