BlackBerry 8700G Tricks

The BlackBerry 8700g is a cellular phone and PDA device that hit stores for T-Mobile wireless customers in 2006. Created by RIM, the BlackBerry 8700g allows users to connect with others through text message, picture message, Bluetooth synchronizing, instant messaging, and email. The BlackBerry 8700g features a full QWERTY keyboard and the ability to connect to T-Mobile's EDGE Internet network. To make the most of the BlackBerry 8700g, you can take advantage of several tricks.

During Calls
During calls on the BlackBerry 8700g, you can alter settings to make a conference call or put the call on speakerphone. To set up a conference call between more than two parties, call the first party. During the call, hit "Send" and type in or select the phone number of the third party. By hitting "Send" again, you can connect the call between all three parties. The speakerphone option, which allows you to hear other parties without holding the phone to your ear, is activated by simply pressing the key corresponding to it on the phone.

Blocking Calls
The BlackBerry 8700g allows users to block different kinds of phone calls they do not want to receive. To block calls, press the trackball, go to "Options," and go to "Call Barring." In the "Call Barring" area, you can select what types of calls you want to block. International calls can be blocked in this area, as they often result in additional charges. Once the blocked call types are selected, click "Enable" and create a call blocking password to change the settings in the future.

You can send emails directly from the BlackBerry 8700g. Each BlackBerry phone number is given its own email account. You can route other email accounts to the phone as well. To send an email, go to "Messages" and click on "Compose Email." Enter the email address of the recipient and the text of the message. The BlackBerry 8700g also lets you set up email filters to ensure undesirable messages are not delivered to the phone.

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